In today’s installment of Oh baby or No baby, I read and reviewed Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.” This book has been widely recommended by pediatricians and bloggers as a go-to sleep training book for parents experiencing issues with their baby or toddler.  Knowing the book is 457 pages long, and would take the average (non-sleep-deprived) reader 15+ hours, I thought that I’d give you my feedback about it before you invest the time yourself.  Download the free PDF of the Weissbluth Book review here.

My summary: ?‍♀️  Nooooo baby! ?‍♀️

Skip this book unless you are a sleep professional or pediatrician.  This book is not recommended for the family wanting a clear, easy to implement plan for getting predictable sleep.

With the Oh baby or No baby blogs, it is my goal to provide you with an at-a-glance version of the most recommended sleep resources, without you investing your time and energy while sleep deprived.  Let me know what you want to hear about next.

And, as always, I’m here for you if you are ready to take the first step in helping your baby or toddler sleep through the night.