The Baby Sleep Cheatsheet is a comprehensive, yet simple, compilation of baby & toddler sleep averages. Take the confusion and contradiction out of understanding baby sleep needs.

  • Predict nap and sleep transitions by age
  • Discover needed sleep ranges for birth to 5 years old
  • Learn the signals your child sends when they are NOT sleeping enough and what signals to ignore as normal
  • Remove the confusion around sleep needs
Sarah Branion

Sarah Branion

Pediatric Sleep Coach

Six years ago I was a new mom of a four month old, who hadn’t slept more than 25 minutes at a time since my her birth.

At a breaking point and wondering if I would ever survive this early postpartum period and sleep deprivation, I began reading and mastering the art of baby sleep.

Today, I am a wellrested, fulfilled mother of two children and my super power is Baby & Toddler Sleep.

I’m passionate about helping you get the sleep you deserve and the rest your baby or toddler needs.