This year, I want to focus on family, relationship and the true meaning of the holidays rather than stress over gifts and costs and all the things that make the holidays stress full. I decided this year to ask my loved ones for a gift that would have long-lasting, sentimental value that would be treasured for a lifetime.

I’m not going to lie – I had a little tear-fest  filling these out for my kids.  We don’t often pour into words our love for children and this time of year is a great excuse to do so.

I decided to make these PDFs available to you, so that you could enjoy the same anticipation of the return of these “3 Wishes” from loved ones for your kids as I am experiencing. 

Click on your preferred version below for a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Hanukkah Theme (PDF Download)

Christmas Theme  (PDF Download)

Holiday Theme  (PDF Download)

Holiday B&W     (PDF Download)

-I don’t know about you, but this time of year is always equal parts excitement and equal parts anxiety about the holiday season and specifically gift giving.

The excitement is easy to find.  As a mother of two young girls, there is magic everywhere: 

  • Neighbors began hanging Christmas lights November 1.
  • It has snowed a few times in Denver already and we have snowmen pictures to prove it.
  • This time of year means a slow juicy slide from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Eve and that means parties, treats, time with friends and family and GIFTS.
  • Speaking of gifts, we are blessed that both sides of our children’s grandparents are extraordinary gift givers. Super generous and thoughtful, too.

Anxiety-producing items are obvious, as well:

  • We are skipping the mall Santa and the long line for obvious reasons. While he is at the mall, chilling with adult elves and overcharging for pictures of screaming children, we’ll be…anywhere but there.
  • I worry that the hustle of the season will overshadow the reason of the season.
  • This is peak illness and lice season. I have an irrational fear of lice.
  • And, the cost involved with the gift-giving portion of the holiday stresses me out. Since having children, I have been building my own businesses and now my partner not only works full-time, but is also in school for his MBA.  Spending the amount of money we’d like to on our family – a total of 6 grandparents, 9 siblings/spouses and 9 neices/nephews and our own 2 would cost a fortune and it’s not worth the stress to me.

Putting that all together, I decided this year that I would ask all of our loved ones for the same gift for our family – the 3 wishes worksheet, filled out and sent to us with love.

Here’s how it works, if you’d like to do it, too.

1) Choose your favorite PDF variation (see images above, click for free  download).

2) Print/email/send one page per special person in your life.

3) Ask that person to fill it out, made out to you (or your child, etc.).

4) Have them send it back to you, in order that you can open it on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or the New Year.

5) Save it for years to come.

Have a great holiday season. 

With love from my family to yours,